About Us

We are proud to announce we are now HETAS and WOODSURE PLUS accredited for all our firewood products joining only a small number of suppliers across the country and the first in Wiltshire.

These are the official bodies recognised by government on woodfuel. All our firewood production and storage processes have been independently inspected and verified to be of the correct moisture content, volume, species and size guaranteed!


Whats all the fuss about being HETAS and WOODSURE PLUS accredited??

Quite simply trying to burn damp or wet logs is frustrating, inefficient and potentially dangerous.

Wet logs are difficult to light, give little heat and also create tar deposits on your stove glass and chimney which can lead to corrosion of your flue or chimney and more worryingly potential chimney fires.

Burning wet logs create steam and unburnt deposits as the timber tries to drive off excess moisture using up its energy in the process. This results in less heat for you and a fire that never reaches its optimum burning temperature the most common cause of blackened glass and tar build up in the flue or chimney.

We are different than most, we cut and store our logs for many months in our own specially designed drying boxes before testing each load to make sure its fully seasoned at no more than 25% moisture content in the centre of the log before each and every delivery guaranteed !

Please view our sustainability policy for more information on our timber sourcing and our green machines